A new client recently told me she was hesitant to hire me because she LOVES color, and all of my spaces are white and bright!  And she was right....many of my clients' want clean, white and simple interiors.  I dug far back into my portfoilio to prove my worth, and was reminded of the Reedsdale Road bedroom I designed many moons ago.  Deep olive walls were accented with chartreuse, turquoise and teal in this space.   Color theory is everything. 

Sarah Scales Design Studio - Reedsdale Road - Milton Interior Design -3.jpg


The shiplap backsplash in my Althea Road project looks amazing.  Those of you with a discerning eye may wonder how I managed to pull off a 'wood' product behind a range; an installation that would clearly not meet building code.  We fooled the eye, so to speak, and installed a cement board that is commonly used for exteriors.  The strips were installed on their backside to avoid a faux wood grain that is etched into the surface, and then painted  the boards with a Benjamin Moore color of our choice.  The look of wood shiplap, the durability of cement.  Perfection.  Photo by Anna Olivella.

Sarah Scales Design Studio -  Althea Road - Falmouth Interior Design -3.jpg


MY BFF recently inquired about some design help for her soon-to-be new home, and I am all about her master bathroom reno.  I'm hoping to incorporate a free-standing tub, and have spent far too much time researching the perfect 'look' for this space.  A couple of my favorites.  On the left, the bathroom was designed by Silvana D'addazio Design and was recently featured in House & Home Magazine.  On the right, the home of Lynda Reeves, also featured in House & Home.

Sarah Scales - Interior Design Boston - Blog Post - Master Bathroom Tub 2.jpg


Such a fantastic space.  I love the calming blue walls, the crisp white linens and the punch of red in the throw blanket.  The accent furnishings are vintage,  the art is modern; a combination I will never tire of.  The upholstered headboard is trimmed out in a classic manner, and the lamp has an unexpected brown shade.   Major inspo for my own guest room. 

Sarah Scales Boston Interior Design - Guest Bedroom Inspo - Elle Decor.jpg


I love the simplicity and restraint that Alyssa Kapito incorporates into her spaces.  The mid-century bench alongside contemporary art, both presented against a clean white canvas.  The architectural details speak for themselves when painted white.  A touch of black, seen in both the light fixture and the stair rail, adds just-the-right-amount of contrast to the space.  

Sarah Scales Boston Interior Design Blog - Foyer Image Kapito - 1.jpg



I'm in the midst of designing a kitchen for a client, no better a source for inspiration then the Humphrey Munson website.  Classic, country style has never looked so good. We're still in the Schematic Design phase, and working out walls and doors and windows.   But appliance and cabinet selections are right around the corner, and I'm hoping we have the opportunity to include a walk-in pantry into the space plan like the one below.  It only takes one unique feature to make a 'wow' kitchen; this pantry is doing the trick.

Sarah Scales Boston Interior Design Blog - Humphrey Munson Pantry.jpg
Sarah Scales Boston Interior Design - Humphrey Munson Kitchen